It’s Just a Jump to the Left: The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Shadow Work


My big hullabaloo about the Yoda arc in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Six finally spurred me to write my long-on-the-back-burner piece about The Rocky Horror Picture Show and its use as a method of shadow work. The impetus for this was the stupendously backward manner in which Yoda dealt with his shadow. I won’t go into detail, but you can read about it here and here.

For this post, ‘shadow work’ is defined as any action in which you confront your shadows – those places in your spirit where you stash your hidden fears, rage, hurts, resentments, and secret desires and fantasies -  then bring them into the open, to process and integrate them in a healthy manner.

I was fortunate to participate in several ‘Grief Release’ sessions with Rev. Jan Storm when I attended the Goddess Temple of Orange County. Each week we worked through a stage of long-hidden or repressed grief - shock, denial, guilt, pain, anger, and depression – in a safe space where we could cry, scream, curse, and allow ourselves to feel those emotions we don’t show in public for fear of being perceived as ‘weak.’ (Tell me again how temporarily entertaining thoughts of murder and mayhem somehow turn us into delicate flowers?) After each session, after the expunging of all that spiritual sludge, we felt ten pounds lighter. The importance of being able to process your emotions externally, without being judged for it, cannot be overstated.

That said, I’m not keen on dredging tears from the depths of my soul every week to stay mentally healthy. I’m also of the mind that a cuss word of prevention is worth a tantrum of cure.

Enter The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


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A fantastic post from a long-time supporter, regular, and friend of Long Beach Rocky Horror.

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Don’t get hot and flustered

Use a bit of MUSTARD

You’re a HOT DOG

But you better not try to hurt her FRANK-N-FURTER 

thats the joke. get it. MUSTARD, HOT DOG, FRANK-N-FURTER

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Curry <3

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From Bill&#8217;s Farewell Show, 4/26.After 25 years on cast, our resident Brad, decided to step down. We&#8217;ll miss you, Bill!

From Bill’s Farewell Show, 4/26.
After 25 years on cast, our resident Brad, decided to step down. We’ll miss you, Bill!

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This Saturday, February 22nd, is not only our annual Valentine’s Lingerie Night - it’s also Stezy and Matt’s farewell show! What better way to give them a fabulous send-off than with a little good old-fashioned stripping? If you’re 18 years or older with a valid photo ID to prove it, come up on stage and strut your stuff to compete for fabulous prizes, provided by Heidi’s Pleasure Chest!

Here’s the link to the event. We hope to see you there!

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